The next generation of automation

Control4 latest revision 3.1 enables a huge amount of customisation through directly to the end user (YOU!).

Some of the main features are favourites we love are, the personal touches on the home screens / tables, passwords and pin numbers for your door via the Control4 App

Lastly the updated customisation using When / Then on your Control4 webpage to turn on notifications or lighting scenes of your choice.

Control4 boasts the largest and most complex, customisation that can be controlled by the end user, than any other automation brand!.

Great for you

et your Control4 home page and your favourites to appear the way you want, have your theatre room close the blinds when the projectors on.

When the projectors off the blinds open, achieve the ultimate theatre sound, look and performance at home.

Integrate almost anything

The technicians and consultants we have at Lockwise Security, provide you an system to meet your needs, from alarm integration to gate automation. We can provide you one app that will do everything, to make it easy to use and operate.