Looking for a secure container or safe. We have every safe size imaginable, for your home documents and will. Perhaps you need a high end safe to store a watch or coin collection, our contacts in the industry enable us to purchase from suppliers direct. No middle person and they come straight to you saving on storage and transport. Delivered and installed.

The correct safe with fire testing is important, did you know a fire proof safe may only be suitable for documents! Many safes now days are being used to store valuables or backups of photos and videos, almost all of the domestic range of fire proof safes on the market now are not suitable for either. So it pays to call an expert for the right advise, call Lockwise today.

Our suppliers include

  • Chubb
  • Dominator
  • Challenger Safes
  • CMI

Great for you

The first question we ask when a client wants a safe is, what is it going to be used for? Jewelry ? Documents ? Photos or data? Once we have determined what is being stored, we can then offer you the best safe for its purpose.

Many domestic safes are only thin Tin, and off no security. We have seen many throughout the years being opened with a axe or grinder within minutes! It usually pays to spend a few hundred dollars more to get a safe that is fit for its purpose and to know your goods are secure. Now days many insurance companies now offer lower insurance premiums for installing a safe also!